EPISODE 17-Feedin’ Donkeys Along I-80

People go on road trips for all sorts of reasons. I’m on this road trip for Nikolai. Nikolai is searching for something, something he can’t find in his homeland– a vision, an inspiration, a raison d’être.

There’s no doubt the landscape of America through a car window is quite invigorating and can stir something in man’s heart, even if it is the ticker of a socialistic Russki. Yet, I’d like to think that it’s my companionship along that will bring Nikolai out of his shell, show him that an existence is better when you have good bud, and remind him that life’s about a journey and not about fame, money, or even a lucrative six-picture video art deal.

That’s my hope for this road trip, at least.

I’ve set this video to John Elliott and The Hereafter’s track, Better Now. You’ll remember John’s talents from Episode 8 – John Mayer Concert. Check out more of his music here.

See you next week at Mount Rushmore… God’s granite.

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