EPISODE 16-Nikolai’s Salt Lake

Once again I’m handing over the editing system to Sir Nikolai so he can express his “deep” thoughts. In this episode, he’s taking on The Great Salt Lake, which he claims is very near and dear to his heart. Apparently as a young boy in Moscow during the Gorbachev years, he befriended a Mormon missionary by the name of Jack Scott.

Mormon Scott showed Nikolai photos of The Great Salt Lake, and the impressionable Russian fell in love with the body of water. I think it was the Mormon girls in their Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints issue underwear sunning themselves that caught the Russki’s eye, but he claims it was the majestic landscape.

Whatever the case, enjoy Master Nikolai’s pontifications on America’s land-locked salt lake that is both “holy” and “savage,” as he so “deeply” describes.

Oh, and check out the shorts he’s wearing. I picked them out for him. I think he looks great, and if some Mormon girls were ready and willing, he’d totally get at least two wives, maybe even three. Who could say no to those legs? No god-fearing girl, right?

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