EPISODE 11 – Blue Man Audition

Blue Man Group is a peerless theatrical experience. As an individual, I,  David “Dave”, am a singular experience of stunning theatrics. No brainer. I must have a crack at joining Las Vegas’ Blue Man Group. They need my agile creativity; I need to give back to America.

In this well-crafted episode, I take Nikolai to meet my old college friend, Scotty, a real-life Blue Man on the Vegas Strip. Surprised by my visit, Scotty thinks it best to immediately give me an impromptu audition, as he knows talent like mine gets swooped  up real fast in a town as cutting-edge as Vegas (Carrot Top, need I say more?). What transpires even shocks me it. It’s organic.

Oh, and you also get to see Nikolai do some Soviet-era drumming.

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