EPISODE 10- Big Tanks & a Sinful Sphinx

Like Thelma and Louise, Nikolai and I aren’t looking in the rearview mirror. We’re on the road at long last in search of freedom, our future, a female Brad Pitt with whom to have a passionate affair at a Motel 6 with adjoining IHOP. Nikolai likes to wolf down Swedish pancakes drizzled in lingonberries after a roll in the hay. What a bloody Casanova!

Unfortunately in this episode you won’t see my passionate Russian bear tear apart Motel 6’s 15 thread-count sheets, but you will see us with some impressive artillery. I’m talking about big tanks at a military base in the desert outside of Las Vegas. And you’ll see us taking in one of Las Vegas’s seven wonders of the strip, the Luxor Hotel’s Egyptian Sphinx. It puts the real Sphinx to shame, if you ask me. I mean in Egypt you’d never be able to see such ruins and Carrot Top in the same day. The Luxor delivers where ancient civilizations failed.

A New York Times article this week suggested that Las Vegas is facing its deepest slide since the 1940s. As you will see in this episode and upcoming ones, Nikolai and I were oblivious. It feels good to look a recession in the face and only see the boobs of a showgirl. Obama might want to consider revising his economic stimulus plan. Bernanke in sequins, feathers, and thong?

Thanks to all of you who have made the launch of season two such a success. Our Weezer video is now at over 47,000 views! Awesome. Keep spreading the word about this project that is still mired in unpaid invoices and angry creditors who don’t have a sense of humor.

Next week you’ll see Nikolai and I audition for Blue Man Group. It’s worth calling in sick to work. Bad bean n’ cheese burrito last night is a great excuse. Emphasize the “bean n’ cheese”, it freaks out office managers No one wants that kind of intestinal issue near the copier.

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