EPISODE 9 – A Rap for an L.A. Woman

Daisy Dukes! Bikinis on top! It’s the start of season two of USofAnderson! Welcome back. Nikolai and I spent the summer assembling a nice tight package of episodes that span this great country. Yes, we are officially leaving Los Angeles this season.

But before we blow this town, we felt it necessary to introduce you to a true L.A. woman: my old high school friend, Kirsten. (We used to make out in the school auditorium at night).

She’s an L.A. woman to the bone, and in this episode we stop by for some cold beers and a little conversation. I’ll admit, my ticker still pitter patters for her sweet smile, and as I think you’ll see, she wouldn’t mind having my boots under her bed either.

You’ll also see and hear one of my more powerful raps, Leprechaunin’.

It speaks to the issues young adults are facing these days. And it will really impress Kirsten. Watch out Eminem and Brother Ali, there’s another white boy with mad rhymes.

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