EPISODE 8-John Mayer is an American Institution.

John Mayer is an American institution. His mouth is a maverick of the American music scene, and it often says things that it shouldn’t, which is cool when you’re an adult contemporary rocker. His music describes the female form in nuance not heard since Sting sang about his wife’s fields of gold. And JM’s music is so alluring that it gets him Brad Pitt’s sloppy seconds. An American hero, right up there with Sinatra.

In this episode I take Nikolai to see John Mayer. He’s not the John Mayer, but his name is John Mayer, and he’s an old friend of mine. I feel so tickled to be able to offer such a treat to Nikolai. With our backstage access the world is our oyster.

In fact, you’ll see me performing a duet with this John Mayer. It’s a song I wrote entitled, “Up on My Feet Again”. It’s a redemptive ditty that will certainly make your next mix tape. Download it for free here (It’s the studio recording! And much improved from the version heard in this episode.)

I should also note that the John Mayer in this episode performs under the name John Elliott with his band, The Hereafter. He’s legitimate. Seriously. Nikolai likes John Elliott’s music a lot, and so do I.

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