Episode 4 – Walk of Fame or: how to get a date with Super Girl

As you saw in the previous episode and now this episode, Hollywood Boulevard Supermen, Nikolai is in front of the camera and not behind it. I wanted in these earlier episodes for viewers to get a sense of the Russki before he retreated behind the camera for most of the road trip. Additionally, I wanted Nikolai to take in the splendor that is Hollywood Boulevard. It’s a magical place that consistently gets trashed by the press with such sensational headlines as “Chewbacca arrested for head-butting” (link) or “Elmo charged with aggressive begging” (link) or most recently “Spider Man caught in legal web” (link).

Phooey. It’s a place for superheroes to come down to earth, tickle the tourists’ fancy with $1 photos, and make a little unreported income… You think Stockholm is bad, superhero planets tax the bejesus out of their residents. Social Services, my arse! They’re Superheroes, they don’t need health insurance.

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