Episode 22 – Camp Silver: A Camp for Sexually Active Christian Children

Today is a blessed day. Not only are David “Dave” and Nikolai visiting Camp Silver, America’s #1 camp for sexually active Christian children, but David “Dave” is also launching a new website:www.SaveCampSilver.com.

It’s a perfect storm of Christianity, sexuality, and the World Wide Web.

Watch as Dave and Nikolai journey to the North Woods of Wisconsin for a private tour of Camp Silver from camp owner—and David “Dave’s” Granddad—Bertil Anderson. Although earlier this year Camp Silver was shuttered indefinitely by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (it’s rumored that the evangelical governor didn’t like the camp’s inclusion of children of all faiths, creeds, and sexualities), this episode offers a rare glimpse of the sacred grounds of America’s favorite Christian Camp. There’s even a recording of the infamous Camp Silver theme song, “Sacred Place.” Download it here for free.

After watching this episode, visit www.SaveCampSilver.com, David “Dave’s” latest passion project. A cutting-edge website,SaveCampSilver.com takes on the ugly prejudice facing this beloved Christian camp by highlighting Camp Silver’s rich history and tradition. There’s even a cut of Camp Silver’s latest television ad. You just can’t keep a sexually active Christian child down.

Support this noble cause and order a T-Shirt from the website, make adonation to USofAnderson, or email David “Dave” and he just might cut you a deal on last year’s Camp Silver T-Shirts.

We shall overcome!

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