EPISODE 21 – America’s Corn Palace, Or: How to Get High on High Fructose

UsofAnderson.com has been quiet for several months. The silence ends today.

Season Three of this award-winning show starts NOW! And it’s gonna be nuts. During the next 11 weeks David “Dave” will elevate online storytelling, revealing he’s not your parents’ Garrison. He’s Keillor 2.0, taking his own brand of “Lake Wobegon” stories to the web. (NOTE: If you don’t know who Garrison Keillor is, that’s good. He’s just another sonorous, stodgy baby-boomer who talks about sexless Lutherans on NPR. David “Dave” is a spastic Generation Xer who doesn’t take his Ritalin.)

Over the next few months, new videos will be released every Monday. It’ll be as epic as Tobey McGuire and Dakota Fanning combined, a total Tobey Fanning tabbouleh.

First stop on this riot-o-fun is America’s most formidable fortress: The Mitchell, South Dakota Corn Palace.

Listed in most reputable guidebooks as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Corn Palace delights man and child alike with peerless mosaic corn art. Watch as David “Dave” dances with Cornelius, the Palace mascot, discuses the use of negative space in corn art, and croons his original song, “Hey Teosinte,” performed by John Elliott. Download it here for free!

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